Friday, June 4, 2010

Wedding Series: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something GORGEOUS

Wedding Planning: a time to celebrate love, family, new beginnings and growing bonds; a process through which a young woman's (or gentleman's) dreams of her/his Big Day become a reality; a jovial period of excitement, laughter, parties, toasts and glee...

...a dramatic rush of calculated decisions that make tastings, linens, cocktails, dresses, florals, jewelry and chicken or steak substantially more daunting then they were ever intended to be.

::the tea-kettle whistles::

Below are 5 Wedding Related Concerns & Reasons Why They Are No Longer!

1. "I want to get my bridesmaids cute gifts that they'll love and be able to use again."

Relax, Gorgeous, Too Faced Cosmetics' website allows you to design a custom palette complete with shadow, blush, and gloss for only $35. The palette is completely customizable, for instance, you are allowed to opt against gloss and instead choose glitter liner or shadow primer. The kit is not only customizable, it is personalized! Type in a message of your choice and the company will print it on front of the palette with a background of your choice also! The options with this gift are unbelievable! Remember to use the promo code I provided here to take 30% off your purchase! The Too Faced Kit is not only glamorous and personal, it is definitely a gift that your 'maids will be able to use the Big Day, and all those thereafter! Begin customizing your Too Faced Palette here!

2. "I love weddings but I cannot control my tears! I'd like to mingle at the reception without mascara'd raccoon eyes."

You're in luck! Both CARGO and Too Faced (recall the promo mention above!) have formulated mascaras that remove in tubes with warm water at the end of the day, not with tears and tissue in the middle of your special occasion!

3. "I'd like to wear my hair long and wavy but I need more length."

Worry not, Love! Hair extensions are no longer limited to being sewn in or glued on - you can clip them! Check out Hair Do's Clip-In 23 Inch Wavy Hair Extensions - available in seven tones at Ulta. If you opt against waves you can choose one of the other Hair Do options in 19 inch layers or 22 inch staight. The extensions clip in as one piece and secure so that you needn't worry about losing a lock along the way!

4. "Though I am not big on tanning and normally use an SPF 100, I'd like a bit of color so that my skin doesn't match my wedding dress! My wedding is this weekend..."

For a quick tan fix, try Tan Towels. Available at Ulta, Tan Towels are offered in numerous combinations, including the Classic Full Body Application (below)set that will remedy your dilemma!

"My tattoo is visible because of the cut of my dress, but I'd rather not showcase ink during our nuptials..."

Tinkerbell, Chinese characters, angel wings and pin-up girls needn't take away from the vision of you in your wedding dress. Visit your nearby Ulta to request assistance with Dermablend products. The salesperson should be able to color match you and decide which of the brand's extreme-coverage foundations and concealers will best suit your needs. In addition to the liquid, remember the Setting Powder as it will maximize the product's performance and reduce the chance of transfer.

Note: I normally feature products listed at 4 stars or above and although the second listed product was rated at five stars, the first was at 3.5 on Ulta's website. After reading the product reviews, I deduced the 3.5 rating to be largely attributed to buyers having purchased colors that did not match them correctly as well as expecting no transfer. This product offers exceptional coverage but you must be matched correctly and please keep in mind that liquid makeup requires a setting powder to reduce the risk of transfer, but not completely eliminate the chance.

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