Friday, June 25, 2010

Polyvore - Love it or Leave it?

After recently noting mention of the website more and more frequently, I HAD to know what the site was all about and how it would improve my life. I must say, it is fun to mess around with the virtual closet concept, building outfits complete with cosmetics, clothing, accessories and even a background for your garments. However, the process of creating one set on Polyvore is so time consuming that I can't see myself visiting often at all. It feels much like a 2010 version of paper dolls...I'd probably recommend it for a fashionable tween as an outlet for creativity aside from the traditional arts or for a shopping experience a la, but more refined.

Here I created a basic summer day or casual cocktails-with-friends outfit of denim skinnies, a ruffled tank and turquoise jewelry. Have you tried Polyvore? Did you love it or leave it? What is the best use for the site?

smoke chair
$4,301 -

bird trio stamp set- paper-source
$16 -

$3.99 -

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