Wednesday, June 30, 2010


These LAROC deals (listed under the VIP DISCOUNT tab on the site) will [la]rock your world:

Available in 9 shades and flavors, LORAC's Mocktail Lip Glosses are an affordable way to keep your puckers pleased and pretty! The glosses had been $10.oo each and are now only $3.00!

Regularly $17, this shadow is listed for a mere 4 buckaroos! Um, yes, sign me up! Beige is the perfect shade to use as a base, above your primer, but below all other shadowy goodness! You can also use beige to help blend rough edges on darker shadows and soften areas where you may have been a bit heavy handed when applying. An added perk - whereas shimmery finishes can sometimes emphasize creasing (from years of smiling, right?), the matte finish is friendly for all ages!

On Screen Duo originally rang up at $24.00 - now, at only $7.00, this product is a steal! The packaging is done no justice in the picture, in actuality, the product arrives in a functional container that is surprisingly compact for such a great amount of product. Use the highlighter along the brow bone and the cream as a gel-type liner or as a base for your darker pigmented shadows!


Sunday, June 27, 2010


The Gorgeous Gal Glam Society's premier giveaway! The winner will receive a mineral makeup sampler pack featuring 10 luxe shades ranging from matte to shimmery, neutral to trend-setting! Your mineral makeup collection will be complete with 10 lovely hues of your choice, wearable for day, night, work & play!

The awesome mineral shadows pictured below are just a couple of the winner's options!

SHAMROCK Mineral Pigment Bright Green with Golden shimmer 3 Gram Sifter Jar

FOILED Metallic Golden Chrome Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow Pigment 3 gram Jar

COFFEE GROUNDS Dark Brown  Matte Mineral Makeup Pigment 3 Gram Sifter Jar

*Prize provided by Spectrum Cosmetics, recently featured in the SPOTLIGHT: 5 ETSY SHOPS to LOVE part 3!

Hiya, Gorgeous! It's contest time! As this will be the first contest featured on The Gorgeous Gal Glam Society, and we are just getting warmed up, we are going to keep the guidelines very simple:

1. You must be a Member of The Society to win! Become a Follower of The Gorgeous Gal Glam Society by clicking here, in order to be eligible to win!

2. If you are under the age of 18, you must have parental permission to participate - as you may be receiving a prize in the mail which is most likely at your parents' residence AND you may be mentioned in a contest results post featured on The Gorgeous Gal Glam Society.

3. To WIN - Write a review of The Gorgeous Gal Glam Society and post it to your own blog, webpage, Facebook or Myspace, or do a video review of The Gorgeous Gal Glam Society on your YouTube channel. Include a link to The Society ( in your review. AFTER writing your review, comment below to let me know that your review is posted and to provide the link.


Win! Win! Win! Win!



Spectrum Cosmetics offers a range of "100% Natural Cosmetic Grade Pigments" suitable for use on lips, face, nails & eyelids (as indicated in each item's listing on the Etsy shop's page). Not only are the pigments a fabulous treat for use atop your lids, they are also a collection of colorful deliciousness to feast your eyes upon as you shop! Below I've noted several shades that I find wearable for everyone, in addition to three lovely hues that provide a beautiful opportunity to try 2010's blue trend.

Chocolate and Cinnamon Dark Brown Mineral Eyeshadow pigment 3 gr jar
*Chocolate & Cinnamon will be a nice alternative to using a black shadow when creating a smoky eye. Dampen your brush slightly before patting pigment along the outer corner and crease. (Watch my tutorial - Society's Guide to Smoky Eye for a 5 minute smoky eye how-to!)

VINTAGE Dark antique gold mineral makeup eyeshadow pigment 3 gram jar

ICED MANGO Rosy Peach Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow Pigment 5 Gram Jar

SCALE Blue Green DUO Effects Mineral Eyeshadow Pigment
*Scale would be particularly lovely for use with green and hazel eyes! Gorgeous - I swoon at the thought!

NEPTUNE Shimmery Blue Mineral Eyeshadow Pigment Spectrum Cosmetics 3 Gram Sifter Jar

DRAGONFLY Mysterious Deep Blue Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow Pigment
*Apply Dragonfly along the lash-line with a dampened hard angle brush and blend out slightly to create a soft, sultry effect.

Spectrum Cosmetics features oodles of lovely shades to oggle - Shamrock, Merlin, and Alloy are just three more of the amazing colors offered by the seller! With the most expensive shade costing only $6.00 for a 5 gram sifter jar, funding the purchase of all your faves is no difficult feat!

Yet another reason to love Etsy!


5 Way to Make Ulta's 20% off Coupon Count!

Before you charge into your nearby Ulta waving coupons and expecting them to apply to all items on your list, hold your horses and read the fine print, Cowgirl. Now, I am not discounting the power of your coupons, pun intended, however, I am advising you to be wise with your use of them! Don't expect to be able to apply them to the higher-end cosmetics offered at Ulta (Benefit, bareMinerals, Stila, Too Faced, Smashbox, etc.), higher-end haircare (Frederic Fekkai, Nick Chavez, Ojon, Phyto, etc.) or the higher-end skin care peddled at the retailer (DDF, Clarisonic, Dermalogica, Murad, Peter Thomas Roth, Kinerase, etc.). DO use your coupons on big ticket items like hair styling tools, men's care appliances, and the more costly mass skin care items. Remember, coupons are a nice little gift from the retailer - don't let the exclusions hinder your thinking! Use coupon code 40177 at Ulta's checkout online for 20% off one item!

CHI is one of the most popular names in flat irons, right alongside T3 and Sedu. If you come across an in-store Ulta coupon, also shop the BaByliss flat iron range. Though BaByliss is a lesser known name, the product performance is noteworthy. BaByliss flat irons are not offered on Ulta's website, otherwise, it would be amongst the products featured here.

Instyler Rotating Iron $99.95 $79.96 with the 20% off coupon!

Infiniti Curling Wand Styler $39.99 $31.99 with the 20% off coupon!

Olay Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol $69.00 $55.20 with the 20% off coupon!

Braun Series 330 Electric Razor $89.99 $71.99 with the 20% off coupon!


Saturday, June 26, 2010


A contest will be announced tomorrow! The only stipulation - must be a Follower/Member of The Gorgeous Gal Glam Society to win! Become a Follower by clicking here!


Friday, June 25, 2010


Buy two of Stila's ever-popular Smudge Pots for the price of 1 using code 2FOR1SP at checkout!! Choose from Black, Black Cat, Bronze, Brown, Cobalt, Gray & Jade!

Stila Smudge Pot (normally $20 each, now two for $20!)
smudge pot

Use: Perfect for lining your peepers or as a base for your shadows!

Hurry - the code is for Friday only! If you miss the midnight of the 25th expiration, read on for more promo codes that are still valid!


Polyvore - Love it or Leave it?

After recently noting mention of the website more and more frequently, I HAD to know what the site was all about and how it would improve my life. I must say, it is fun to mess around with the virtual closet concept, building outfits complete with cosmetics, clothing, accessories and even a background for your garments. However, the process of creating one set on Polyvore is so time consuming that I can't see myself visiting often at all. It feels much like a 2010 version of paper dolls...I'd probably recommend it for a fashionable tween as an outlet for creativity aside from the traditional arts or for a shopping experience a la, but more refined.

Here I created a basic summer day or casual cocktails-with-friends outfit of denim skinnies, a ruffled tank and turquoise jewelry. Have you tried Polyvore? Did you love it or leave it? What is the best use for the site?

smoke chair
$4,301 -

bird trio stamp set- paper-source
$16 -

$3.99 -

Monday, June 21, 2010

What is in a face wash?

"That which we call a cleanser by any other name would cleanse as thoroughly..."

So I'm no Will Shakes (I believe that would be his name equivalent these days), and perhaps the inquiry is less philosophic, but nonetheless...what is in a face wash?

Are you paying close attention to the labels on your face products? I'm fairly certain that the vast majority, which has included me at times, chooses the most recognizable product and waives the right to remain informed of ingredients. Are you using a cleanser (or other face products) that contain parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl, ethyl - most prevalent), mineral oil, pigments or lanolin? The aforementioned ingredients are often cause for irritation and breakouts, but are still found in cleansers and other products offered by leading brands.

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts, as I am, raise your awareness and prevent skin irritation by considering these simple steps to improving the performance of your skincare regimen:

1. READ REVIEWS - Before making your purchase, read reviews of the product-in-question on or Often you can weed out products that may cause irritation by learning from another reviewer's experience.

2. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE INGREDIENT DISCLOSURE. Do online research to stay informed of which ingredients you will benefit from, which are unnecessary for your skin type, and which should be black-listed from your beauty arsenal. You have to wonder about cleansers with a kazillion ingredients that you can't pronounce - what are those materials doing for or TO your skin?

3. PURCHASE FOR YOUR SKIN TYPE - ONE CLEANSER DOESN'T FIT ALL. Though your best friend or next door neighbor may love a particular product, also consider her skin concerns and type. Choose a product that best suits your needs.

4. BE REALISTIC WITH EXPECTATIONS. Though we'd all love to see results overnight, this doesn't always happen. Allow about a week and a half for breakouts to begin clearing after having changed your skincare regimen.

5. CONSIDER THE VARIABLES. While ingredients in your makeup, wash, moisturizer and other face products may be the pore-clogging cause of breakouts, blemishes may also be attributed to stress, diet & lack of hydration, and medications (think B.C. and we're not talking British Columbia, ladies). When making changes to your skincare & prep routine, make one swap per week so that trouble-makers are easier to spot (and therefore unspot your face).


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer - Tan or Bust?

Summer is on its sunshiny way and ladies and gents from far and wide are flocking to beaches, pools, decks, rooftops, tanning beds and Jergen's lotions. For those of you who don't prefer to chase the Ginger Bread Man look this summer, embrace your natural tone (pale as it may be)! Out with the gold and in with the dew!

Tan faces and bronzed cheekbones are not the only option, so I advise thee, "Fear not, Love! The Bronzed Goddess has a sister, Flushed Femme!"

In lieu of fake 'n bakin' your way through June, July, and August, keep your face products natural (think tinted moisturizer, mascara, and gloss) and opt for a dewy, flushed cheek. A flushed cheek is associated with being active, adventurous, and healthy - the perfect face for summer seduction.

Cheek Stain
Available at Sephora

Available at Sephora & Ulta

Lip & Cheek Stain
Available at Sephora & Ulta

Product Image
Available at Target

Liptini Lip Liqueur Lip and Cheek Stain Almond Berry
Available at Beauty360



E.L.F. (Eyes, Lips, Face) Cosmetics is having a sale - 50% off the studio line using code EGSTUD! Shop the E.L.F. Cosmetics site and take advantage of the sale before it ends on June 21, 2010!



Become a Follower of the GORGEOUS GAL GLAM SOCIETY by clicking here!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Lacquers to Inspire Your Summer Adventures!

Accessories are no longer limited to bangles, baubles, and belts - polish your summer style with, eh, well, polish. Ulta is currently featuring a buy 2 get 1 free sale on Essie varnishes, which sounds like a lacquer-licious opportunity to pick out your new summer musts!

Wear with: swimsuits to the beach for a playful pop of color; a single-hued maxi dress in an un-fussy fabric for a trendy, yet low-key look; a belted romper, flushed cheek, and gladiator sandals; military style cargo pants or shorts, rope wedges or espadrilles, and a blousy, of-the-shoulder-tee for cocktails with the girls. *Try any of the above with beachy waves or a loose bun fastened at the nape of the neck and top with your favorite summer sunnies!

Wear with: neutrals and linen; a pair of light-wash jeans, a loose white tee, a grey or navy cardigan and large, statement jewelry in gold and peach tones. *Follow the jewelry links to examples a la Forever21 - don't be turned off by the name - you don't have to be a youngster to shop the site and you'll be surprised by the inexpensive and wearable pieces they offer! Shop the Forever21 jewelry here - the internet is an anonymous way to glimpse the goodies!

Wear with: navy garments (navy is pink's black); a reserved grey sheath dress, polished pony, simple shadow, glossy pink lip, and a pair of peep-toe pumps to a business-casual summer function. *Remember that bright polish is an accessory in itself, skip the loud earrings or brightly patterned bag.

Wear with: greys, navy, aubergine & white; think classic and dainty; opt for soft florals or ruffles; perfect for a trip to South Coast Plaza with your ladies or a family function with the kids; an excellent option for matching mani-pedi as the color is office-friendly; when donning a soft shade of lacquer, glam-up your locks without worry of appearing like you've just tried WAY to hard - nobody likes fuss-overload!

Wear with: a button-front shirt dress and leggings; an LBD and bright lip; white chunky heels or others that make their own statement and need a non-invasive pedi to keep it classy. *When you've piled on prints, bracelets, or shadow in any hue other than a standard smoky, keep your polish in the nude family so that your look isn't at odds with itself. Keep in mind that you will naturally gesture with your hands near your hair and face throughout the day, so check your mani against your makeup to see if it's at odds with the image you're after!


Smashbox on Hautelook Tomorrow!

Stop by Hautelook tomorrow for the Smashbox sale! Hautelook provides brief sales on fan faves for a fraction of the original price! If you have yet to create a free account with Hautelook, use this link to skip the waiting list: Hautelook!


Thursday, June 10, 2010


GUILTGROUP is featuring Laura Mercier products today! Items at more than 50% off retail! If you do not currently have an account with GUILTGROUP, click here for a referral that will allow you to view the sale without the waiting period. GUILTGROUP's Laura Mercier sale ends 06/12/10 at midnight!


Use promo code LOYALFAN during checkout on a purchase of $25 or more to receive a 20% discount! Shop Stila by clicking here to take advantage of the savings - promo expires on June 14!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Philosophy on Anti-Aging

Philosophy is offering free ground shipping until 6/10/10! Whilst you pop over to the site to pick up your usual faves, take a peek at the brand's new anti-aging products that seem to have accumulated quite a following already!

miracle worker retinoid pads

miracle worker concentrate

Preserve your youth, PYT.

Essence: An Inexpensive Route to Test-Driving Trends

Consider your makeup collection to be your Cosmetic Closet; classic, investment pieces mixed with mid-range functional items and a sprinkle of trendy splurges that may or may not hold your interest until next week. While it makes sense to spend a pretty penny on beauty products that define your personalized regimen, it is difficult to justify $$$ dough on of-the-moment musts.

Now, Darling, I do encourage taking a dip into this summer's hot trends - the changing of the seasons and out-with-the-old mentality offer an opportunity to regroup and reinvent yourself! Avoid heading straight to the counters for trendy items that may potentially end up in the bottom of your cosmetic case or in the abysmal space between your car seat and the center console. Instead, visit your nearby Ulta and try your trends without a monetary commitment with Essence's excellent stand-ins at a fraction of the cost!

The Purrfect Cat Eye - Winged Liner

Purple Peepers - Lavender & Purple Shadow

Ocean(colored) Liner - Navy Lines and Lids

Bold & Brazen Brows
(Available in three shades)

Happy shopping, Sweet'ems!