Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Think of strolling through your favorite street fair; a collection of candy-colored juxtapose buildings in Capitola, California; the smell of ocean and the feel of sand as you realize you've just unearthed a perfectly intact seashell whilst at the beach; the scent of a delectable treat escaping from Savannah's River Street Sweets to entice your nose and, in turn, your tummy; a piece of jewelery shining softly and awaiting a new life on the shelf of a second-hand store. Perusing the pages of consistently provides me with a similar emotion - that of stumbling upon a much-welcomed treasure during an adventure of sorts.

I recently set out to navigate Etsy in search of undiscovered talent and magnificent cosmetic goodies offered at ideal prices. In this SPOTLIGHT series I will give mention to five shops that appeased the treasure-hunter in my core.

Read on, Gorgeous, for details regarding the first shop in my SPOTLIGHT: 5 ETSY SHOPS to LOVE series.

S. S. Anne - Loose Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow - Full Size

Rattata - Loose Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow - Full Size

Why: The shimmery goodness of these VEGAN-friendly shadow pots hooked me in an instant! At just $5 apiece, these are an excellent way to dive into the world of mineral makeup and start building your collection! S.S. Anne and Rattata are both on-trend shades that will be a gorgeous addition to your arsenal, but be sure to shop SHIROCOSMETICS' other hues, ranging from classic to bold, here. The colors are absolutely lovely and if you find that you can't choose between them, you're in luck - the shop offers sample sized lots so that you can fall for several, or for all, at $12 and under! Furthermore, SHIROCOSMETICS' shop has been open on Etsy for two months and feedback has been 100% positive!

Look for upcoming posts in this series: SPOTLIGHT: 5 ETSY SHOPS to LOVE.

Meanwhile, enjoy a treasure-hunt of your own, Darling!


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