Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer - Tan or Bust?

Summer is on its sunshiny way and ladies and gents from far and wide are flocking to beaches, pools, decks, rooftops, tanning beds and Jergen's lotions. For those of you who don't prefer to chase the Ginger Bread Man look this summer, embrace your natural tone (pale as it may be)! Out with the gold and in with the dew!

Tan faces and bronzed cheekbones are not the only option, so I advise thee, "Fear not, Love! The Bronzed Goddess has a sister, Flushed Femme!"

In lieu of fake 'n bakin' your way through June, July, and August, keep your face products natural (think tinted moisturizer, mascara, and gloss) and opt for a dewy, flushed cheek. A flushed cheek is associated with being active, adventurous, and healthy - the perfect face for summer seduction.

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