Wednesday, June 30, 2010


These LAROC deals (listed under the VIP DISCOUNT tab on the site) will [la]rock your world:

Available in 9 shades and flavors, LORAC's Mocktail Lip Glosses are an affordable way to keep your puckers pleased and pretty! The glosses had been $10.oo each and are now only $3.00!

Regularly $17, this shadow is listed for a mere 4 buckaroos! Um, yes, sign me up! Beige is the perfect shade to use as a base, above your primer, but below all other shadowy goodness! You can also use beige to help blend rough edges on darker shadows and soften areas where you may have been a bit heavy handed when applying. An added perk - whereas shimmery finishes can sometimes emphasize creasing (from years of smiling, right?), the matte finish is friendly for all ages!

On Screen Duo originally rang up at $24.00 - now, at only $7.00, this product is a steal! The packaging is done no justice in the picture, in actuality, the product arrives in a functional container that is surprisingly compact for such a great amount of product. Use the highlighter along the brow bone and the cream as a gel-type liner or as a base for your darker pigmented shadows!


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