Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Essence: An Inexpensive Route to Test-Driving Trends

Consider your makeup collection to be your Cosmetic Closet; classic, investment pieces mixed with mid-range functional items and a sprinkle of trendy splurges that may or may not hold your interest until next week. While it makes sense to spend a pretty penny on beauty products that define your personalized regimen, it is difficult to justify $$$ dough on of-the-moment musts.

Now, Darling, I do encourage taking a dip into this summer's hot trends - the changing of the seasons and out-with-the-old mentality offer an opportunity to regroup and reinvent yourself! Avoid heading straight to the counters for trendy items that may potentially end up in the bottom of your cosmetic case or in the abysmal space between your car seat and the center console. Instead, visit your nearby Ulta and try your trends without a monetary commitment with Essence's excellent stand-ins at a fraction of the cost!

The Purrfect Cat Eye - Winged Liner

Purple Peepers - Lavender & Purple Shadow

Ocean(colored) Liner - Navy Lines and Lids

Bold & Brazen Brows
(Available in three shades)

Happy shopping, Sweet'ems!

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