Sunday, June 27, 2010


Spectrum Cosmetics offers a range of "100% Natural Cosmetic Grade Pigments" suitable for use on lips, face, nails & eyelids (as indicated in each item's listing on the Etsy shop's page). Not only are the pigments a fabulous treat for use atop your lids, they are also a collection of colorful deliciousness to feast your eyes upon as you shop! Below I've noted several shades that I find wearable for everyone, in addition to three lovely hues that provide a beautiful opportunity to try 2010's blue trend.

Chocolate and Cinnamon Dark Brown Mineral Eyeshadow pigment 3 gr jar
*Chocolate & Cinnamon will be a nice alternative to using a black shadow when creating a smoky eye. Dampen your brush slightly before patting pigment along the outer corner and crease. (Watch my tutorial - Society's Guide to Smoky Eye for a 5 minute smoky eye how-to!)

VINTAGE Dark antique gold mineral makeup eyeshadow pigment 3 gram jar

ICED MANGO Rosy Peach Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow Pigment 5 Gram Jar

SCALE Blue Green DUO Effects Mineral Eyeshadow Pigment
*Scale would be particularly lovely for use with green and hazel eyes! Gorgeous - I swoon at the thought!

NEPTUNE Shimmery Blue Mineral Eyeshadow Pigment Spectrum Cosmetics 3 Gram Sifter Jar

DRAGONFLY Mysterious Deep Blue Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow Pigment
*Apply Dragonfly along the lash-line with a dampened hard angle brush and blend out slightly to create a soft, sultry effect.

Spectrum Cosmetics features oodles of lovely shades to oggle - Shamrock, Merlin, and Alloy are just three more of the amazing colors offered by the seller! With the most expensive shade costing only $6.00 for a 5 gram sifter jar, funding the purchase of all your faves is no difficult feat!

Yet another reason to love Etsy!


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