Thursday, June 3, 2010


As I explained in the first post of this series: SPOTLIGHT: 5 ETSY SHOPS to LOVE Part 1, is the perfect place to find a treasure. If you have not yet explored the site (tisk tisk - I told you it was excellent), allow me to capture the essence in a nutshell. Etsy is the equivalent of all the outdoor markets and indoor boutiques in the world being mixed into one, as though each artisan enters a door from their part of the world and miraculously arrives in yours. I picture the items on display in large cities, small towns, beach boardwalks, all the spots that treasures normally find themselves. On Etsy you'll find all things lovely and creative; items you never knew you had an appreciation for will suddenly pull your heart strings. Below is another of Etsy's shops that interests me; allow me to explain why.

Childhood Solid Perfume twist up tube

Why: This particular fragrance, endearingly entitled Childhood, is described by HeavenlyNaturalSoap as "a sweet innocent blend of delicate flowers and soft notes of caramel and musk. Like the sweet smell of a well-loved child." At $4.50 per unit, this solid perfume is a perfect addition for a fragrance collector. I, personally, love having several unique fragrances that I may choose between according to my mood. If you prefer to have a signature scent, HeavenlyNaturalSoap's offerings will cater to you as well: at such a reasonable price you'll be able to purchase one for your purse, one for your office and one for your dressing table!

Neopolitan Soapsicle Fun Soap

Why: Whimsical with an ambrosial appeal, this Neopolitan Soapsicle Fun Soap is an adorable gift for the inner child in us all. Nostalgia in a soap! ::The recognizable melody of an ice-cream truck fades in from the background::

In addition to the items featured above, HeavenlyNaturalSoap's Etsy shop caught my gaze with Beauty in a Bottle Makeup Fix: a setting spray and shadow-foiling agent, as well as Cotton Candy Fluff Sugar Cubes Single Use Body Scrub: pale pink bathing scrubs that will make for a luscious bath AND pretty-up your powder room! Most items in this Etsy shop look delicious, feast your eyes here!


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