Sunday, June 6, 2010

Product Review: Barbie Loves Stila Smudge Pot

Every now and again I find myself particularly in-tune with my femininity; it was during one of these trips down Estrogen Lane that I found myself purchasing two Barbie Loves Stila Smudge Pots. Equipped with both Cobalt Clutch and Purple Pumps I felt ready to hop in a pink convertible and meet Babs at the infamous Dream House. Stop by Stila and meet me there if you like!

Though marketed as gel liners, the Barblie Loves Stila Smudge Pots please me more when acting as a base for my shadows. When used as gel liners, Cobalt Clutch and Purple Pumps don't quite pack the punch that a black gel liner might, as the colors are far less bold than they appear. The shades, which look almost intimidatingly vibrant in their respective pots, actually apply less pigmented than one might assume. Once applied, the blue - Cobalt Clutch, is actually a mid-range hue that differs from its shockingly cobalt appearance. Perhaps this makes it more acceptable for buyers looking for a less statement, more wearable blue (though I am not sure that particular consumer would be shopping the Barbie Loves Stila range). Thus, if you are looking for bright hues that deviate from the traditional, these may not be your cup o' tea. On the brighter side, I apply the pots over shadow primer and in conjunction with other shadows and the product is excellent - the Barbie Loves Stila Smudge Pots do not crease and stay exactly where I intended for the duration of the day!


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