Friday, July 30, 2010

Stila's "Happy Hour Special"

Buy 1 Shadow Pan & Get Another Free! Stila's Happy Hour Specials are an excellent way to get an extra great deal on your Stila faves! Shop Stila's Happy Hour for today here!

eye shadow mattes


Product Review: MAC Fix+

Dare I review a MAC product and leave myself open to retaliation by the brand's army of enthusiasts worldwide? Yes. I dare.

Fix +

Society's take: your skin will need to learn to chug. While the product may be whittled from nature's best offerings, the dispensing of said miracle juice is far from refreshing. A soft spritz to awaken the senses would be lovely - absolutely ideal, however, this is not delivered. Furthermore, reviews that I saw in regard to the product, pre-purchase, claimed it would set my makeup, act as a mixing agent, assist with foiling my shadows, ... fly me above the rainbows so that I could play amidst soft and snuggly clouds. To sum, the product was to be the answer to all my makeup woes; no such luck, Dear.

The spritz that comes from the container (a thoughtful container, might I add, with a twist-to-close nozzle that protects its roomies during travel) is almost not even worthy of being categorized as a spritz. The amount of product that dispenses is far too concentrated and leaves your face wet, not misted and refreshed. I've tried "spritzing" from 6" (as a rookie), 10" then 12"... the trial and error involved with using Fix+ is unbelievable. Thinking that perhaps I was a cynic after watching praising reviews, I decided to try the product on Society Gal Andrea - only to produce yet another wet face, frightened by the deluge of product that had just rained down.

As for foiling - trusty H2O never fails. Dampen your brush and press it against a paper towel to rid excess, then tap a bit of the mineral product into its lid and circle your brush to create a tiny paste of product for application.

Lesson learned: some things really are too good to be true.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well hello, Gorgeous!

You are cordially invited to participate in The Society's "GET GLAM ACCESSORY SHUFFLE."

WHAT: GET GLAM ACCESSORY SHUFFLE (An opportunity to swap out your accessories for others from another Society Member. Don't let the bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces, clutch purses, belts, etc. that you can't work into your wardrobe sit sadly and unglamorously in the back of your jewelry box - swap them out for someone else's for an inexpensive style pick-me-up!)

WHO: ALL Society Members located within the US are invited to participate! This will work best if 5 or more members are interested! Location - anywhere in the US (additional ACCESSORY SHUFFLES may be open internationally depending on the results of this one!)

WHERE: ALL Society Members located in the US are invited to participate during this first ACCESSORY SHUFFLE!

COST: $4.95 (Cost of Small Priority Shipping Box to the next location)

HOW: I will choose 5-10 Ab Fab accessories from my own jewelry collection and send to the first Society Member who will then decide whether she'd like to swap 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or all of my items out and replace them with her own. She will then mail the box to the next Society Member who will do the same. Each member will swap as few or as many items as they'd like and will then replace the corresponding amount from their current collection. Each Society Member will get to choose from a collection of the same amount of jewelry, replace, then send on! The last Society Member will make her choice, swap, then send back to me and I will make a post to show you my new lovely treasures! Your jewelry collection will be revamped for ONLY the price of shipping!

TO PARTICIPATE: Comment below and let me know that you are interested! I am looking for a minimum of five participants and will start planning the swap when I have heard from Society Members! All items must be in excellent condition - items that you really like but just aren't using and would like to give a chance at a glamorous life with another Gorgeous Gal!

Talk soon, Pretty!


Monday, July 19, 2010


Enter code GLOW at checkout on Beauty360's suncare and skincare for 20% off your purchase! The promo code will expire on July 25, 2010 at 11:59 PM EDT. Save on products by Ahava, Anthony Logistics, Jack Black, TanTowels, Bloom, Mario Bedescu, Laura Gellar, and more!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion



Hello, Lovely!
Ready to try the ab fab Philosophy products I introduced to you in my Philosophy On Anti-Aging post or other thoughtfully luxe products by the brand? Utilize code 10off50 at checkout to receive a $10 discount off your $50 purchase from now until July 23!
philosophy: believe in miracles


MAC for Rodarte

When did glamour become so tasteless? If you have not yet learned of the terribly tactless MAC for Rodarte collection, I first urge you to read Mizz Worthy's blog post regarding the controversial issue here. For additional information regarding the background of the situation, read the Wikipedia article regarding Mexico's Ciudad Juarez which can be found here. Additional information will be available in the upcoming days.

MAX Factor Lovers - You Still Have a Chance!

Often we purchase a product, invest time & money into determining how to properly use it, then continue to repurchase the product habitually when we reach into our case and find its bottle is running low, or empty. MAX Factor surely threw its American following into a panic as it has slowly been shifted to clearance sections in retailers across the nation; the brand is no longer being peddled as it had been in the US. It will officially cease to be sold in the United States by the end of 2010. Luckily, is still selling quite a range of MAX Factor products! Better yet, the online retailer is selling MAX Factor in mass so that you can stock up on your faves at a fraction of the price! Shop Overstock's MAX Factor selection here, for your last chance at items like these:

Max Factor # 24 Ms. Terious Vivid Impact Lipcolor (Pack of 4)

Max Factor Maxalicious #200 Champagne Bath Naughty Lip Gloss (Pack of 4) currently has 61 MAX Factor products available for purchase - stock up! You also have the option of using COVERGIRL items, as they are related brands and the MAX Factor website can actually make product recommendations based on your usual faves and which COVERGIRL products they are similar to.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Continuing with the SPOTLIGHT SERIES: 5 ETSY SHOPS to LOVE, I am extremely excited to introduce you to Danny Roberts' Etsy Shop - available to visit through the shop's link here.

Danny Roberts is an artist, mindful of fashion, with a knack for playing with proportions and emphasizing with colour, and sometimes, lack there of. His art is lovely in that its subjects somehow have personalities beyond the medium in which they were created. His art depicts women, rich in femininity, brazen strength and deliberate mystery, and is captivating and chic. So chic, in fact, that his designs are currently featured on garments at Forever21 (the inexpensive clothing & accessory mecca of Mr. and Ms. Trendy all over the US, Canada, Korea, and Japan).

I'd love to adorn the space in my humble abode with prints from his shop - I've chosen three of my favorites to share with you (below).

*The following art has been sourced so that readers can easily link to the artist and the origination. Do not copy or duplicate the following without consent from the artist.

The Girls In Glasses 13 X 19 Print

Lady Lace 8  X 11 Art Print

Visit Danny Roberts' Art Shop on Etsy; I am sure you'll be left wishing yourself into a portrait.

Note: Visit your nearby Forever21 to shop the garments as they are not search-able on the site.

xoxox, Glamour Gal.

Lacquer Love!

2010 has inspired me to expand my polish partnerships and I find myself playing with contrast. Really though, as style trends fade in and out and borrow from decades past, 2010 has sort of established its own style code - mixing several eras and creating a fashion atmosphere where the only rule is that there aren't any. Denim on denim, florals with leather, sockies with pumps, fluffy hair and top buns, black and blue, "mom jeans" turned chic, rompers aren't just for children, braids here there and everywhere, feathers, animal print... on and on and on andon an don ando n - there is no clear right and wrong with fashion these days - no delineation; it's as though the time machine went batty and left 2010 in a hodge podge of 1980s and 90s, 20s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 1890, 1412, 1763...

But hey, I'll go with it! Who doesn't love a bit of irony and contradiction every now and again!? So, as I was saying, my polish pairings have become beautifully matched in their mismatchedness as well. Take a peek at the options below. All of which work visually because they maintain balance - which is the key to mixing and matching trends.

I'm also loving orange-reds with soft matte grays, mauves with deep purples, and same hued toes and fingers but with a glittery topcoat on toes. What shades have you been loving this summer and how has the whirlwind of trends changed your norm?


Tarte Cosmetics Cheek Stain Pre-Launch!

TEN, Tarte's newest cheek stain, has debuted on the company's website for the celebrated pre-launch! At $30, the Tarte's TEN purchase may make you flush at the register, no product use necessary! Admittedly, the stains do last quite awhile (a very long while) so the price tag is fairly understandable. Not only will the product last and last, it features all kinds of ingredient goodness that makes the item seem that much more luxe; acai berry extract supply antioxidants, "super fruit" goji berry extract, pomegranate... and numerous other organic-seeming beautifiers.

tarte cosmetics natural cheek stain - TEN - limited-edition collector's cheek stain

Celebrate the pre-launch with Tarte Cosmetics by clicking here to shop!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Urban Decay - $5 Sale!

Visit Urban Decay's website to take advantage of the $5 Deals that they are currently advertising! Do remember that sometimes you really do get what you pay for - bypass the loose pigments, unless you're in for the messiest shadow application experience of your life and use your $FIVER to opt FOR the Ultraglide Lip Glosses instead! Shop Urban Decay here!

Ultraglide Lip Gloss

xoxox, Gorgeous!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


The results are in, Gorgeous!

Lovely LEH, click here to browse Torik2009's Etsy Shop (Spectrum Cosmetics) & decide which ten awesome mineral makeup shades you'd like to make yours!

To all the other Gorgeous Gals - Become A Follower and visit often for another chance to win!



Dearest Lovely, yet another exciting announcement - is featuring a LORAC Blowout tomorrow, 07/08, beginning at 8:00 am PST. If you are not yet a member of the site you can click here to utilize my invite code and bypass the waiting period. If you are familiar with Hautelook's sales you know that hot commodities like super discounted makeup(y) goodness begins to sell out quickly, so login as close to 8:00 am as possible for the best pickins!


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CLICK HERE to learn about The Gorgeous Gal Glam Society's Giveaway Contest!!!


Tarte Cosmetics is celebrating the 4th of July with a 30% off site-wide promotion! Enter code FIREWORKS at checkout to take advantage of the discount! Sale ends July 5th at 11:59 pm EST!

Wouldn't be Canada Day without them.

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