Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Your Vote DOES Count!

Poll Results: What are you interested in seeing The Society feature more of?

Product Reviews
Promo Codes & Sales
Personal Experiences & Pictures
Product Highlights for Varying $$ Ranges

The results are in and How-To Guides tied with Personal Experiences and Pictures at the top of the interest list! Following just behind were Product Highlights for Varying $$ Ranges. Of course, I will continue to share Product Reviews and Promo Codes and Sales - I know I appreciate a SALE ALERT myself! Thanks for voting - your feedback helps tailor The Society to fit the interests of its members!

What the results entail: Look for an increase in How-To Guides via video, stills, and written posts. Quick personal experience posts and corresponding photographs will show up more frequently, along with possible Outfit of the Day and Makeup of the Day posts. Continue to give input and vote in upcoming polls - your vote really DOES count!

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