Thursday, May 27, 2010

Almost Time to Say Goodbye.

We've begun packing our bags and bidding our adieu(s). It's hard to believe that our life in Savannah will soon be filed in our minds under 'Nostalgia.'

While I was taking part in the photoshoot earlier this week, my ever-talented husband was snapping photographs of his own:

Monterey Square, part of the walk that my parents and I made on our wedding day last October.

The Mercer House, mysterious isn't it? Learn more about the Mercer House by linking to Wikipedia here and the mystery will only broaden.

Savannah's architecture and history make it beautiful beyond the reality in which it exists. Every brick, street, wall, and tree has a story, it seems.

Bask in the day's beauty, Glamorous, including your own!


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