Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Time in the Sun.

My days in Savannah are numbered as the date of our departure back to the Golden State draws closer, so yesterday, we opted to take a trip out to Tybee Island to appreciate the beach that is only thirty minutes away from us. Despite the beautiful weather, we packed three bags of items we could potentially need in any situation because we like to be prepared on road trips (even small ones)! I even followed the SPF instructions and slathered 70 screen on at least thirty minutes prior to sun exposure.

Most of the items we hauled along with us included snacks, towels, beach blankets and extra clothing in case of wind, rain, snow, sleet, a typhoon...you never know, right? I did, however, pack a small cosmetic bag with just a couple of essentials. Items in my beach touch-up makeup bag included:

A Physician's Formula bronzer in Baked Tan $11.49

The Physician's Formula Baked Tan bronzer gave me a pleasant surprise as it was the perfect tan hue and had a nice texture. It was extremely easy to blend and will work nicely for contouring as well. At just over $10, I had no worries in regard to taking it to the beach with me as I would have with other, more costly and fussy products.

Loreal True Match liquid foundation in Nude Beige W3 $8.99

An excellent liquid foundation that provides a nice amount of coverage. This product applies smoothly and is easy to blend. You will see best results when using this over a primer and under a setting powder like the bareMinerals Mineral Veil. It has an SPF 17, but I suggest using other SPF products as well, especially for days at the beach (hence the SPF 70 I mentioned above). Not only does this product's performance gain it kudos from me, the selection is shoppable as well. The shades offered are clearly organized as they are grouped into W, N, and C depending on whether your skin tone is warm, neutral, or cool. I have warm (golden) undertones and am a level 3, with level one being the lightest, seven or eight being the darkest. Though I have tried liquid foundations from varying price points, I am most pleased with this product as an everyday liquid foundation.

A powder brush like this one from Ulta $30


One of the aforementioned VS lipsticks $12 in a nude hue and two other MAC lipsticks in
Viva Glam Gaga and Snob $14.

I ended up not even needing to touch my touch-up bag once! It did, I must admit, make me feel a bit better knowing that I had it at my disposal just in case...perhaps similar to a child's baby blanket, my touch-up bag makes me feel a bit more comfortable.

Best of luck packing your bags, Beautiful!

Cheers to adventures.



  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! This has become my go to website when I'm feeling overwhelmed at work. Thanks for the smiles and beauty tips

    Ciao Bella!

  2. I love the security of having a touch-up bag. I take one where ever I go!