Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Highlight of My Day.

With summer just around the corner and the world clamoring for the perfect sunless tan, let us not overlook the ultimate in creating the effect of a healthy, glowing complexion - radiance.

These three products are excellent for giving the illusion of a higher cheekbone and a radiant glow. Apply them along your cheekbone while concentrating your bronzer just below or your blush at the apple and extending along softly. You can also use these products down your nose for a thinning effect, or atop the bow of your mouth for a fuller-looking upper lip. Apply in small amounts at a time, adding more as appropriate so as to avoid the Edward Cullen-enters-the-sunlight sparkling effect (to clarify that last Edward Cullen reference, click here, another deposit in your pop-culture piggy bank).

A mineral powder that is targeted for use all-over face. You can opt against total shimmer and use this along cheekbones for a more subtle, glowing look. Perfect for use over both liquid and mineral foundations.

A traditional pressed pan that is an excellent highlighter for cheekbones, along the nose, just above the upper lip, and even along the brow bone. The highlighter may appear barely noticeable when applying, but the sunlight will catch for a soft, luminous glow. Perfect for use over both liquid and mineral foundations.

A semi-dense liquid formula that applies with a nail-polish type applicator and rubs in along cheekbones, nose, above the bow of the mouth and along the brow bone. Recommended for use over moisturized skin or over That Gal brightening primer, also by Benefit. Because the formula is not a powder, I would recommend one of the above mentioned for use over liquid foundations or mineral makeup. Perfect for the minimalist who would like a bit of a healthy glow.

Now get glowing, Gorgeous! And remember to try the products out a little bit at a time until you've achieved your desired effect!


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