Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring BRUSH Cleaning?

All this beautiful talk about makeup and I seem to get carried away! After buffing, dipping, patting, swiping, stippling, and pressing, a girl's brushes can be quite a mess! How often are you giving your makeup tools a brush bath?

::The room falls silent:: ::shifty-eyed glances survey peers::

Your brushes are showering you with powders, pigments, pinks, plums, and pastels; why not shower them with...uh, well...a shower?

It's important to clean your makeup brushes often to rid them of bacteria that you don't want on your skin. Luckily, the process is not difficult or time consuming, so if you have not been cleaning your brushes regularly, there is no reason not to start now.

For everyday cleaning, opt for a brush spray:

With both Japonesque's Professional Brush Cleaner and Bare Escentuals' i.d. Quick Change Brush Cleaner, spritz a paper-towel and sweep the ends of your brush against it. You will see the makeup transfer from the brush to the towel and should continue with the process until no makeup remains on the brush.

If your brushes are not limited to your own personal use, cleanse them after each use with a brush cleanser, shampoo, or even dish soap (which I prefer to use because I recall my science teacher claiming that it breaks down phospholipids and cuts grease and oil...though I can't remember what phospholipids are). For a really thorough cleaning, you can cut through the makeup by putting a dime-sized amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your palm and swirling the bristles of your brush in it before cleaning with shampoo, cleanser, or dish soap.

A good deep-cleaning is necessary to keep your brushes and skin in great condition. Though I'd suggest this process daily for shared brushes, if you are the sole-user of your makeup brushes, this kind of cleansing is needed about once a week. Do remember to deep-clean in the evening so that your brushes have time to lay on a towel to dry overnight. Softly squeeze excess water from the bristles and give them a little pat down before tucking them in for the night so that they will dry faster.

Note: Be gentle with fan brushes and others that are not as resilient as our old pal, Mr. Powder Brush AND take care in preserving the shape when laying them to dry.

Everybrushy needs a little TLC.

Hugs & kisses and a pat on the bristles!


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