Sunday, May 16, 2010

Three Concealers That Do What They're Told

The last thing we all need (well, maybe it's not the very last thing...but we don't need it, right?) is a concealer that seems to draw more attention than the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas sign. I've tried quite a few concealers in my day - not everyone is privy to naturally flawless skin.

While I am still trying several other concealers (a Benefit package is in the mail on its way to me now), I will give you a current list of three concealers that I've found do just what they're told. Secrets don't usually make friends, but in this case...

Benefit Erase Paste (available in three shades, numbered from lightest to darkest: 1, 2, 3) $26


The container is very small but the teensiest amount of Benefit's Erase Paste will go a very long way. Erase Paste can be used with the supplied tool or with a sponge or brush. I always suggest brushes in lieu of sponges as sponges also do what they're told - they absorb everything! While helpful for retaining water when washing your car, sponges will retain $$ product instead of disseminating it all where you intend when it comes to makeup. But I digress; continuing, the Benefit Erase Pastes will work nicely with all foundation consistencies, including mineral, as the powder will help to set them.

Bare Escentuals Bisque Concealer Range $18


The Bare Escentuals Multi-Tasking Concealers are available in several shades: Bisque, Summer Bisque, Honey Bisque, Dark Bisque, and Deep Bisque. The consistency of the Bare Escentuals Multi-Tasking Concealer is the same as the bareMinerals foundations - a mineral, loose powder-type makeup. Apply with a Bare Escentuals Maximum-Coverage Concealer Brush dry or with a mixing agent for more coverage. This product will be useful to those who wear mineral foundation; not recommended for use with other foundation consistencies.

Note: I would recommend the tone 'Bisque' for Fair skin only, and in small amounts, at that. Unlike other tones in the range, 'Bisque' begins to take on an iridescent appearance if not used in a very small amount. For better coverage sans iridescence, Fair, Fairly Light, Fairly Medium, and Light skin tones should opt for Erase Paste #1.

Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Concealer $8.99

Like the Loreal True Match Foundations, the True Match Concealer is easily shop-able as the tones are clearly organized by shade AND undertone (neutral, warm, cool). As I am a W3 (warm level 3) in the Loreal True Match Foundation, I chose the True Match Concealer in Fair/Light W1-2-3 (warm undertones and accommodating to shades 1, 2, and 3 on the warm scale). The concealer's texture is very similar to that of the True Match Foundations and I would say almost unnecessary if you are using the True Match Foundation. This product will work nicely beneath mineral foundations and other textures as well, however, because most liquids provide nice coverage alone, this may not be needed in conjunction with liquids.

All three of the previously mentioned are excellent products - they met or exceeded my expectations in regard to concealing! When purchasing your own, remember to shop a shade or two lighter than your foundation color and opt for liquids or minerals over stick concealers, which often highlight dryness and irregularities in skin texture. Also, remember that in addition to covering blemishes, add concealer around the mouth, nose, and chin to reduce the noticeability of redness throughout - this will help to create the illusion of flawless skin! David Copperfield would be so proud (see his proud face below)!

Goodnight, Illusionist-in-training!

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