Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mario Bedescu's Drying Lotion: A Disappearing Act!

Abracadabra! Put that rabbit back in your hat and shove those scarves back up your sleeve! Mario Bedescu's Drying Lotion is giving most magic acts a run for their money. Except perhaps David Blaine, he's quite endearing. But I digress...

Mario Bedescu has proven he knows a little something about disappearing acts with his Drying Lotion, an odd looking solution packaged in a small bottle. The formula is separated, a pink sludge-type material lays on the bottom while a liquid fills the remainder of the container. The appearance makes you want to pick it up and give it a good shake, but do control the urge, as it is not meant to be mixed.

Mario Bedescu Drying Lotion $17
Drying Lotion

Apply Mario Bedescu's Drying Lotion as a spot treatment with a Q-Tip before bed and blemishes will have dramatically lessened by morning. While the spot treatment will not likely make the blemish disappear entirely overnight, the solution will calm and substantially diminish the appearance. This is an exceptionally effective quick fix for use the night before big events - think weddings, galas, proms, speaking events, and the like.

Note: this product is also available in stores at Ulta, though it is not offered through Ulta's website.

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