Monday, August 2, 2010

Santa Monica, CA

Another gorgeous day seaside! If you recall, the last time I had visited the beach (Post: My Time in the Sun) was on the opposite side of the country; Tybee Island, Georgia. Today my husband and I took the quick drive to Santa Monica and peered (from the pier) out at the Pacific and the gorgeous shoreline. While we do miss the Atlantic and our place on the beach at Tybee Island, the Pacific shore welcomed us nicely with a soft breeze and enough sunshine to warm our faces.

The perfect Sunday in Santa Monica.

The shoreline looked amazing with the mountains behind, the rainbow of swim apparel at the water's edge and the palm-tree lined Ocean Avenue in the background.

The clouds were creating patterns that I couldn't quite appreciate the full effect of until seeing the contrast against the blue sky in photographs.

I'm no Ansel Adams - nature can be credited for these gorgeous photographs.


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  1. Cool!
    I went there just last month ! It's a very relaxing place to go!! :)