Thursday, August 5, 2010

2010's Version of Matchy-Matchy

As we've all noticed by this point in the year, 2010's fashion is undoubtedly influenced by all that is ironic - mixing patterns & textures, pairing several shades from the same color family to create a not-quite monochromatic ensemble, wearing rompers & cutesy sockies past the six year old mark, and etcetera. Matching? Well, the shoes to your shirt or eyeshadow to your shirt modus operandi, yeah that's no longer a stipulation. A nice way to keep with the matchy-matchy? See possibilities in the NARS collection available at Sephora, below.

* The shades above (left to right) are as follows: Angelika, Super *rgasm, Albatross, & Luster.

How matching gloss and blush will work for you:

Choose the pairing that best suits your current comfort zone. As with trying any trend or new-to-you style, the only way to make it work AND to make sure that you don't buy on a whim, but will actually use the products, is to be reasonable. If you are comfortable with a particular tone of blush, stick with a similar tone when you transfer over to the gloss & blush trend. If you generally favor peach cheeks, don't say, "Well, I think it's about time I try something new-I've never tried pink blush and I've never matched my lips to my cheeks before," and then pick up the pinkest gloss and blush shade team. If you do, you may find your new purchase hiding inside your makeup drawer untouched once you've walked out of the store. It seemed like a fun way to turn over a new leaf in the store, but remember all those "new leaf" clothing garments you bought to change your look? Yep, they're still hanging in your closet with the tags attached.

Wear your matching blush and gloss as a statement (apply gloss over a lipstick for a lasting pout) and keep your eye makeup simple for daytime (think liquid liner and mascara); for night, pack more of a punch with eye makeup but keep the colors dark neutrals a la Urban Decay's Naked Palette so as to complement the lip & cheek duo, not combat it.



  1. U just made my morning!! I LOVE Nars!!! Has this collection already hit the stores??


  2. :) The collection has hit stores - I called to verify. Funny phone call (having to say Super Orgasm). xoxox