Friday, August 13, 2010

E.L.F. Outdoes... Themselves?

It seems like just yesterday that E.L.F. was offering a sale on makeup brushes (POST: E.L.F. PROMO CODE ALERT). Perhaps it seems that way because...well, it was. Interestingly enough, E.L.F.'s previously announced sale has been outdone!

"By who?" you may ask.

"Well," I respond, "By E.L.F."

::Confusion in the room::

That's right - E.L.F. is outdoing themselves with a sale that will give fans a discount of 50% off of brushes and bath with no minimum purchase for 48 hours! You'd think that the brand would wait awhile to have this awesome sale, or at least until the current (overlapping) sale has ended... but they are celebrating their 2 millionth order and seem to be in a giving mood! Don't wonder about the blunder - just smile and nod! Use code ECD2 to take advantage of the discount!

Complexion Brush


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