Thursday, July 15, 2010


Continuing with the SPOTLIGHT SERIES: 5 ETSY SHOPS to LOVE, I am extremely excited to introduce you to Danny Roberts' Etsy Shop - available to visit through the shop's link here.

Danny Roberts is an artist, mindful of fashion, with a knack for playing with proportions and emphasizing with colour, and sometimes, lack there of. His art is lovely in that its subjects somehow have personalities beyond the medium in which they were created. His art depicts women, rich in femininity, brazen strength and deliberate mystery, and is captivating and chic. So chic, in fact, that his designs are currently featured on garments at Forever21 (the inexpensive clothing & accessory mecca of Mr. and Ms. Trendy all over the US, Canada, Korea, and Japan).

I'd love to adorn the space in my humble abode with prints from his shop - I've chosen three of my favorites to share with you (below).

*The following art has been sourced so that readers can easily link to the artist and the origination. Do not copy or duplicate the following without consent from the artist.

The Girls In Glasses 13 X 19 Print

Lady Lace 8  X 11 Art Print

Visit Danny Roberts' Art Shop on Etsy; I am sure you'll be left wishing yourself into a portrait.

Note: Visit your nearby Forever21 to shop the garments as they are not search-able on the site.

xoxox, Glamour Gal.


  1. I love love love the last picture, gonna have to check out the etsy shop for sure! Btw found you through Lookville, thanks for your lovely message! :)

  2. this post is bad for my wallet. :)

  3. @Pop Champagne - Isn't it gorgeous?? Le sigh. I cannot get enough of these three and a couple of others from his shop! xoxox

    @Tova - I know! It made me feel better to find out that he also has listings of some pictures in smaller sizes that go for $20 & $30. :)