Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well hello, Gorgeous!

You are cordially invited to participate in The Society's "GET GLAM ACCESSORY SHUFFLE."

WHAT: GET GLAM ACCESSORY SHUFFLE (An opportunity to swap out your accessories for others from another Society Member. Don't let the bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces, clutch purses, belts, etc. that you can't work into your wardrobe sit sadly and unglamorously in the back of your jewelry box - swap them out for someone else's for an inexpensive style pick-me-up!)

WHO: ALL Society Members located within the US are invited to participate! This will work best if 5 or more members are interested! Location - anywhere in the US (additional ACCESSORY SHUFFLES may be open internationally depending on the results of this one!)

WHERE: ALL Society Members located in the US are invited to participate during this first ACCESSORY SHUFFLE!

COST: $4.95 (Cost of Small Priority Shipping Box to the next location)

HOW: I will choose 5-10 Ab Fab accessories from my own jewelry collection and send to the first Society Member who will then decide whether she'd like to swap 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or all of my items out and replace them with her own. She will then mail the box to the next Society Member who will do the same. Each member will swap as few or as many items as they'd like and will then replace the corresponding amount from their current collection. Each Society Member will get to choose from a collection of the same amount of jewelry, replace, then send on! The last Society Member will make her choice, swap, then send back to me and I will make a post to show you my new lovely treasures! Your jewelry collection will be revamped for ONLY the price of shipping!

TO PARTICIPATE: Comment below and let me know that you are interested! I am looking for a minimum of five participants and will start planning the swap when I have heard from Society Members! All items must be in excellent condition - items that you really like but just aren't using and would like to give a chance at a glamorous life with another Gorgeous Gal!

Talk soon, Pretty!



  1. Hello! I am interested. I might like to trade to oversize sunnies I have that are a little too big ;-)

  2. Hey! Did you get enough people to do the shuffle or no?

  3. Not yet - let me know if you want to!

  4. I'm interested (same girl, new blog). I hope you get enough people to do it!! I'll spread the word.

  5. :) I hope so too! I've found that GGGS' followers are not big commenters... LOL Please do try to spread the word because it'd be so much fun! xoxox
    Talk soon, B.