Friday, July 30, 2010

Product Review: MAC Fix+

Dare I review a MAC product and leave myself open to retaliation by the brand's army of enthusiasts worldwide? Yes. I dare.

Fix +

Society's take: your skin will need to learn to chug. While the product may be whittled from nature's best offerings, the dispensing of said miracle juice is far from refreshing. A soft spritz to awaken the senses would be lovely - absolutely ideal, however, this is not delivered. Furthermore, reviews that I saw in regard to the product, pre-purchase, claimed it would set my makeup, act as a mixing agent, assist with foiling my shadows, ... fly me above the rainbows so that I could play amidst soft and snuggly clouds. To sum, the product was to be the answer to all my makeup woes; no such luck, Dear.

The spritz that comes from the container (a thoughtful container, might I add, with a twist-to-close nozzle that protects its roomies during travel) is almost not even worthy of being categorized as a spritz. The amount of product that dispenses is far too concentrated and leaves your face wet, not misted and refreshed. I've tried "spritzing" from 6" (as a rookie), 10" then 12"... the trial and error involved with using Fix+ is unbelievable. Thinking that perhaps I was a cynic after watching praising reviews, I decided to try the product on Society Gal Andrea - only to produce yet another wet face, frightened by the deluge of product that had just rained down.

As for foiling - trusty H2O never fails. Dampen your brush and press it against a paper towel to rid excess, then tap a bit of the mineral product into its lid and circle your brush to create a tiny paste of product for application.

Lesson learned: some things really are too good to be true.



  1. Thanks for the review! Will definitely keep it in mind!

  2. I feel like such a cynic posting this, but truly, it's terrible to apply a full face of makeup and then ruin it whilst attempting a dewy look. Se la vie! xoxox Society Gal Jasmine xoxox