Monday, July 19, 2010

MAX Factor Lovers - You Still Have a Chance!

Often we purchase a product, invest time & money into determining how to properly use it, then continue to repurchase the product habitually when we reach into our case and find its bottle is running low, or empty. MAX Factor surely threw its American following into a panic as it has slowly been shifted to clearance sections in retailers across the nation; the brand is no longer being peddled as it had been in the US. It will officially cease to be sold in the United States by the end of 2010. Luckily, is still selling quite a range of MAX Factor products! Better yet, the online retailer is selling MAX Factor in mass so that you can stock up on your faves at a fraction of the price! Shop Overstock's MAX Factor selection here, for your last chance at items like these:

Max Factor # 24 Ms. Terious Vivid Impact Lipcolor (Pack of 4)

Max Factor Maxalicious #200 Champagne Bath Naughty Lip Gloss (Pack of 4) currently has 61 MAX Factor products available for purchase - stock up! You also have the option of using COVERGIRL items, as they are related brands and the MAX Factor website can actually make product recommendations based on your usual faves and which COVERGIRL products they are similar to.

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