Thursday, September 9, 2010

A List of My Least Favorite Things:

While sitting in a chair having my eyelashes clamped and curled at school today, I realized that the experience prompts enough anxiety to boost it up to a spot on the list of my least favorite things in life. (I'm considering general circumstances, I know that terrible occurrences like earthquakes, accidents, tornadoes, hurricanes, illness, injustice, poverty, hunger, and similarly heartbreaking things happen every day and are much more serious than anything I am about to list).

As far as my fairly normal list of least (fairly controlled) favorites go, I have a spot reserved for the annual (yes, THAT annual), getting a shot or having blood drawn, going to the dentist, and having my eyelashes clamped inside a metal curling device. I thought of this list while sitting in a chair being made pretty and realized just how much I truly love my Japonesque heated eyelash curler for my own use.

I'm still reeling from the lashing!

What route do you prefer to make those lashes perky?


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